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BEELIEVE is bottled uzzzing only the purest of sources from the Canadian wilderness. Our strict quality control guaranteezzz that your jar of honey is as straight from the beehive as it can bee.


It was a pleasure to bee approached by Dave and Lisa, founders of Beelieve. Business has been great for the past 14 years. However, they have admittedly taken their branding for granted and wanted to strengthen their position in the market. For their 15 year anniversary, they asked us to come up with new Brand Identity, Logo Design, Package Design and additions to their web presence.


Design Rush included Beelieve Project in the Best Packaging Design collection - 2022.

screen copiar.jpg


  • We wanted an identity that would relate well with their natural product promises. Therefore, the colour palette we used was directly from the bee’s environment. The black and golden colours chosen extend the feelings of luxury, prestige, elegance and expensiveness. Dave and Lisa’s positioning is in the high priced, high quality category. 

  • We wanted the identity to be modern, lasting, and off the bee-ten path when placed next to competitors. By using well designed graphics and contrasting elements that harmonize with the company's core beliefs, we beelieve that we delivered an outstanding and flexible positioning statement for Dave and Lisa.

  • Paying homage to the bees (since they do most of the hard work), is a priority for Dave and Lisa. Their company is all about bees and bringing their gift of honey to the world.

pics copiar.jpg
colours2 copiar.jpg


  • The new logo needed to update their company and help position their rebrand in the market and the minds of their customers. 

  • We wanted a logo that would celebrate the bee, and showcase its hardworking and elegant characteristics (which fit the brand perfectly).

  • We positioned the logomark to the right, over the text, to suggest hardworking momentum along with the majestic mobility of the bee. (Having the logomark centered above the text would not accomplish this to such an extent.)

  • The wings create an infinity symbol to remind us of the continuous gift the bees bless us with.

  • The bee itself (logomark) is drawn in such a way as to highlight its characteristics. It contrasts, yet marries with, the text in the logo. 

  • The font chosen for the logo is a combination of modern, elegance, and symmetry. It nicely complements the swooping logomark (bee). 

  • The logo “comb”ines well with the tagline (Made By Bees). The end result delivers a responsive and flexible package for our clients to work with. It can be applied to all of their digital and print needs.

6444573 copiar.jpg
colours3 copiar.jpg
logov copiar.jpg
Logo_Mockup_25 copiar.jpg


  • We couldn’t wait to show our clients the direction we started in for their rebranded and special, 15 year anniversary packaging. Having a client willing to invest in their positioning and go that extra mile to dazzzle is a treat to work with. 

  • We wanted a honey jar that was based on their new identity. We chose the shape of a honeycomb. This honeycomb shape is continued in the lid. A bonus being that it’s easy to grip and turn. 

  • We wanted a package so special that the customer would want to keep it after it was empty. Thus, we debossed or etched the company's logo and tagline right into the bottle, along with their honeycomb icon. Another bonus is the honey dipper that tops off the bee-utiful design and keepsake uzzzeability.

  • Apart from the identity marks of the company, the eye-catching buzz-words of “Organic Honey” is prominent. This highlights one of the company’s core beliefs and is a true attractor to honey connaisseurs. The fonts chosen for this part of the design stand apart from the main brand identity, yet work well with it and do their job of attracting the customer.

  • The overall package is designed to distinguish itself from the competition and celebrate not only the company - but also the mezzzmerizzzzing bee … All the while, staying true to the new, rebranded identity.

  • The packaging label, with nutrition facts and other legal terms, will be applied with an easy peel off backing to preserve the beauty of the jar when empty. It will be placed on the side opposite the debossed logo.

img5 copiar.jpg
honey_mobile3 copiar.jpg


  • Dave and Lisa wanted us to deliver an addition to their website shop and app. Having the identity in place, and knowing the core branding behind the company, made creating a web design much easier. 

  • We concentrated on making their new packaging “pop” by selecting a rich gold and white for the background elements. This would contrast, yet harmonizzze, with the black shade and the darker honey within the packaging itself. 

  • To cause the packaging to pop even more, we added virtual bee and shadowy reflections to the design.

  • We topped it off by adding a subdued, honeycomb pattern along the top to help blend the overall page and continue with the identity of the brand.

  • We got to show off our photo retouching skills, as we added elements to the overall design and that of the bottle.

Free_iPhone_12_Mockup_3 copiar.jpg


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