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Cairology is the combination of two businesses uniting into one.

1) Hair Prosthesis Centre: We help people with hair loss replace their hair so they look natural and feel confident.

2) Wig Boutique Barrie: Is committed to serving both those with medical needs and fashion requirements.

Cairology’s founder, Crystal Taylor, requested Wade Robinson Design to help her combine two former businesses into one newly revamped business. There were many issues to deal with on this job from deciding how to continue its engagement with customers and stakeholders who have been familiar with both of these businesses for years, to the delicate nature of hair loss.

( Pictured - Old Branding Identity )




  • We decided to use a gradual approach instead of an outright launching under the new Name and Brand for several reasons, including budgetary concerns. (New signs and advertising assets had been recently brought in.)


  • After our research was concluded, a modern, crisp, professional look that is appealing to all was decided upon.


  • The majority of Cairology’s customers are women, however, a growing number of men must now be factored in. Therefore, the Brand Identity, which was primarily directed toward women, had to remain neutral enough for men. The entire Brand Identity was designed with this in mind. We also added the Cairology wordmark, without a logomark, for the products and services which are strictly dedicated to men.


  • We established 4 main brand elements as: PLACE (Professional establishment), CARE (Empathy toward customers), NATURAL (As this was the desire of all customers - to have a natural look and to feel as though they fit in) and lastly, CONFIDENCE (Cairology wanted to instill as much confidence into their customers as possible). The Brand Strategy, Messaging and Identity (icons and logo) were constructed with each of these 4 elements at the forefront.



  • The final Messaging was the result of research and, of course, referred back to Cairology's 4 brand elements (messaging pillars).

  • TAGLINE: We care about your hair.

  • OFFER: Helping you have natural looking hair.

  • VALUE PROPOSITION: We help people with hair loss replace their hair so they look natural and feel confident.


  • We simplified, by reducing the number of colours from the previous nine down to five that we felt worked well together. We were instructed to keep the two darkest colours (purple and blue) from the former Brand as part of the new Brand Identity. 

  • The modern, yet neutral, fonts work extremely well with the new branding. Simple and professional, with a subtle hint of character that imparts confidence.

  • The 4 main messaging pillar icons and the leaves are great accent graphics for the Brand Identity. The leaves represent a natural and peaceful presence.

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  • We gave Crystal five various logos to use throughout her marketing, including a logo with the tagline attached, plus three secondary logos and a wordmark logo.

  • The logo was a combination of Cairology’s four Brand Messaging pillars assembled together. We love the fact that each messaging icon can be used individually, for other branding purposes.

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  • A style guide is simply the documentation of your brand, presented in a format that makes it easy to apply to any content you create. This is useful for assisting Cairology with: Increased Quality Control, Increased Comprehension and Better Brand Recognition.



  • We continued the modern, crisp, professional, appealing look into the package design. Most of Cairology’s customers are over the age of 50, so the print needed to be pronounced. Where required, we pulled in natural graphics, such as the leaves, to add to the overall look and feel of the design.

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